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Alsa at Medica 2019

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ALSA apparecchi medicali s.r.l. was founded in 1932 and has always worked in the field of medical equipment.

Born as a manufacturer of small units for diagnostic, ALSA has developed little by little its production since the 1960’s introducing firstly units for the suction and the physiotherapy then electrosurgical devices.

ALSA is present, through its exclusive distributors and authorized dealers, in more than 90 countries worldwide. Continue

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The latest type of products is at present realized based on the most advanced technology applicable to such type of units, i.e the one using last generation power mosfet and microprocessor control.

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Our Excell NHP Endomed at the Yakutsk Oncology Center in Russia

The oncologists have performed the first organ-preserving surgery for kidney cancer using this equipment

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Our EXCELL MCDSe at Ospedale San Carlo di Nancy in Rome

The picture of Tecnica Ospedaliera article about Ospedale San Carlo di Nancy shows the new operating room with our electrosurgical unit EXCELL MCDSe.

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Diathermy units and Argon gas enhanced diathermy units for major surgery

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Here the video of Medica Exhibition 2019

MEDICA 2018 Medica 2018

This is the video of medica Exhibition 2018

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